Monday, January 3, 2011

2 New Years ReSoLuTiOn ideas to keep in mind for 2011...

I can't believe it is 2011 already!!! This past year flew by so fast!
Okay so with the year, always comes those dreaded New Years Resolutions that most people can barely keep for a few weeks...

So here is your #1 new resolution: KEEP your resolution. It doesn't do any good if you don't stick to it! :)

And to make sure you remember, make a big poster, (a really cute, decorative poster), and put it in your room! Or at least somewhere you will see it everyday!

K so here are a few resolution ideas you can use to stay active and involved with cheer on days when there are no practices.

Resolution #1:
-Stretch every day.
It could be in the morning, right after school, or at night. Just make sure that you make it a schedule. I do my stretching every night because I am definitely not a morning bird! So for night owls-Don't try to get up at 6 every morning to stretch, when you usually don't need to be up until 7. You will be most likely to repeatedly hit the snooze button and not get up to stretch.

Early Birds- Don't wait 'til the night when you are sluggish and unassertive.

Resolution #2:
Choose an area in cheer you need to work on the most. (Tumbling, Flexibility, Stunting, Form, Muscle building, Jumps, Splits, etc.)
Make sure to work on it EVERY day. Or at least every other day. Working on it any less than that most likely won't have any real positive effects.

Now make a list of goals you want to achieve in the next month, 6 months, and year. Hang it in your locker, tape it to your mirror, on your wall, by your bed, on your door....Just make sure you'll see it every day. And make it colorful and decorative so you notice it. If it's in pencil you'll be more likely to ignore it or look it over.

So with the new year bring a new attitude and make sure you follow those goals longer than just a month or two...GOOD LUCK:)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Cheer!

Wanna spice up your holiday season!?! With school on break, we find ourselves with a LOT of extra free-time! Now you can put it to good use with some of these cute holiday ideas!
One thing you can do is find a cute little tree to put in the corner of your bedroom! Now you can decorate it with adorable ornaments, candycanes, etc.
Find a pretty new holiday dress! Wear it to Christmas parties, gatherings, dances, etc! Find excuses to wear it because the next chance you’ll get won’t be for a year!
(Sparkles are definitely something to keep in mind with dress shopping too!)


You can even use a bare tree to put in your room! Just string some lights and put some cute and unique ornaments on it for the Christmas feel!

Go to the dollar store, target, or any other store that is selling cheap ornaments. Some times you can find really cheap prices for super cute decorations.

Now you can go decorate and get in the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm in Love...

Here is a yoga video I just did a few minutes ago and I am in absolute LOVE with it! I really hope you try it! It says it's for morning, which definitely works, but I just did it at night too and it obviously works just as well. 

I am new to Yoga, and it was the first time I've ever tried it... But I noticed a HUGE improvement just after doing this 7 minute video in my flexibility. I started out with only being able to bend over to my mid-calf, and by the end I was touching the ground. I definitely look forward to doing this over and over to see my improvement! :)


My Biggest Secret...EVER.

So... Are any of you suffering from "I-cant-gain-any-flexibility-no-matter-how-hard-and-long-I-push-myself" ?
Don't worry. I've had the same problem...

A few weeks ago I was trying to look up all these different ways I could increase my flexibility and the overall quality of my Cheerleading skills... And I have finally figured out the secret!

The Dallas Texas Cowboys Cheerleaders use it...The UCLA Cheerleaders use it... And you definitely can too.

Yoga. Yup. That's it! Yoga. My flexibility has increased SO much already since I've used it! I was also browsing through what some Cheerleading coaches thought about it. All of the coaches comments I read definitely approved of it. And not only that, but they said that they will test the girls on their yoga fitness and knowledge during tryouts and some of them are so strict that they only allow girls who've had experience with Yoga on the team!!!

Seem a little extreme? Well maybe not. It kind of makes sense. Yoga not only increases strength and flexibility, but it also helps with your balance (which DEFINITELY helps with stunts & jumps), and it may sound crazy, but it also helps your inner self. As you breathe in and out you are meditating which will help you stay focused and relaxed during practices, competitions, tryouts, etc.

My favorite thing about Yoga is it clears your mind, but also that it is so calming that you begin to REALLY like it and you gain SO much flexibility and strength from it...Which in my mind is a hundred times better than running 5 miles, doing weights, and other vigorous activity. You basically stay in one small area, usually just on a little Yoga mat, and meditate!

So there are many things you can do to learn Yoga. You can buy videos, take a local class...Or...(What I do). You can just look up videos on YouTube!

Tips: Find a quiet place, or some where pretty that you like to be. Yoga typically works best when you are serene.
-I would also try to mix it up and use different videos/routines so you work different muscles. (It also helps it not get boring too quickly.)
-It is optional, but light, calm music usually helps you feel more relaxed. I would consider playing it. *youtube works with this as well*
- And lastly, visit websites that offer advice as well...One that is really good is!


Here are some videos...

I haven't actually tried these ones yet, but I watched them and they are for beginners, so you can try them! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We Got An Award!!!

Thanks to the Simple Mommy Secrets blog, we have received the Stylish Blogger Award! I love her blog! (Even though I am not a Mom) there are a lot of fun and creative ideas! There are posts showing DIY-How to create your own lipgloss from home and other incredibly cute crafts!

Here is the link! Check out the page we were awarded on!

We are so excited to get this award! Thank you Simple Mommy Secrets!

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