Walk in Winter 2010 Trends...

The Winter season is just about here and as we begin to transition from fall to winter the trends are changing right along! Here are a few cute and trendy styles to watch out for during the chilly season!

1. Leather jackets. There is a girl I know that has the CUTEST leather jacket! It's not biker, it's just very chic! Every time I see it I get so jealous! Be on the look out, I would probably put this on the top of my wish-list this season!

2. Winter-y Nail polishes... Yes. I am putting nail polish on here as a trend. So this week I wore black nail polish for the first time ever. I am very preppy and I've never even thought of wearing black nail polish. But then my little sister came trotting in the front door with it on and I thought it was super cute. But if you aren't really "punkish" then make sure you have more girlie and feminine outfits to wear while sporting the black. Another good winter trend is silver, icy blue or dark navy blue colors. I think they can look so pretty! Also try jade and sparkly green colors!

3. Frilly and Lacy Shirts. They are definitely popular this season. And super cute! It's kind of a cute modernized vintage look...But here is a definite OUT for this winter: Graphic/Design Tees. Any shirts with words written all over them is out this season. So try to stay away from them unless that have that vintage appeal...

4. Pearls. Pearl necklaces, pearls on headbands, pearl bracelets...You name it. Pearls are in. Again, it is part of that fresh vintage look!

5. Headbands with a flower or cute design attached. This season the DARK colors and blue's are really in! So try to stay away from pinks (unless maybe it's an icy pink and you have a darker colored shirt on), oranges especially, greens, etc. These are more for Summer/Spring. And they also are a little bit more youthful and this season's style is very sophisticated and mature.
 *I really like dark headbands with sequins. Especially in black, dark navy blue's and eggplant. (That is a dark purple-ish color)*

6. Flats are also in. They finish off that perfect chic-vintage look! It's really adorable!

7. Stockings and Tights. Usually they go under a dress/long shirt (so keep that in mind), but they have been growing in popularity this season. They usually are again, black, and have cute designs in them. They are very sophisticated, yet still teenager-y. This is a very versatile accessory which is one reason why I like it so much. Basically any age can wear them, no matter if you're 5 or 45!

8. And lastly, metal flower-shaped rings. They are super adorable and fun! I've never been into wearing rings because I feel like they get in the way, but these were just too adorable for even me to pass up!