Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cute Craft!

If any of you tend to get really bored over the fall and winter seasons, spice up your room! Take something simple like a candle and turn it into something super cute and fun!!!
 Here is one idea...

This is all you need:

-Some gems, sequins, etc.
-And glue 
 (*Most of you probably already have most of this at home anyways)

Take some glitter and decorate your candle. Maybe you like sequins, or button or gems! (Personally I think buttons can look super cute!!!) But use whatever you want! Now you have a cute, fun and cheap accessory that you can personalize to your room!

It's that simple!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Time!

So what's everyone doing for Halloween!?!? Are you guys ready for tons of sugary candy and awesome costumes!?! Comment and tell us what you are gonna be!
What are your guys' plans this weekend? Any cool parties?  Maybe you're having a team Cheerleading party! Did your school have a Sadies dance or Halloween activity? Tell us about whatever it is!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Keep warm this Winter for basketball season! :)

Check out this cute headband! Its only $5! (@ GTM)
Cute $5 Beanie! I LOVE this hat! And It's warm! :)  ( at GTM)
This jacket is $37! I think it's adorable! (at GTM)
I think this is my favorite skirt ever! It's so cute! $19.99 @ Soffe's.
Keep warm and comfy in these cute yoga pants! $21.99 @ Soffe
I LOVE this soffe pleated skirt! $12.99!

I found all of this cute apparel at GTM and Soffe! Check it out they have really good prices and cute stuff! It's perfect for keeping warm for the Winter and during basketball season! (What's great is almost all of these can be changed to your school colors!)

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    Not enough free time? Me too. 30 minute or less workout plans...

          Recently I have been talking to a girl who says she does not have a lot of free time and so her personal Cheerleading practices at home have been getting abandoned...So this post is to help any of you that have something they need to work on, but just cannot find the time between school, homework, friends and other extra-curricular activities!

    • Working on your splits...
    1. Do a slight jog/run for about 5 minutes. If you do not have enough space it's okay to jog in place. (Just make sure you feel your muscles warming up!)
    2. Sit in a straddle on the floor, legs spread apart, and stretch for 30 seconds on your right, middle and left sides.
    3. Then stand up, take your foot and pull it behind your back (towards your butt, or higher near your head if you are flexible enough), and stretch that for about 30 seconds. Then repeat on the other side. You should feel your muscles in your thighs being pulled just a little bit.
    4. Now you will need someone to help you with this...But it is crucial in order to get your splits! Stand against a wall and have someone hold your leg as you pull it towards your head. Once you get where you cannot stretch any further, start pushing your leg as hard as you can down toward the ground while your partner goes against you. Do it for about 20 seconds and then take your leg down, shake it out, put the same leg back up and you will be able to go farther up this time. Then repeat. Do this about 3-4 times each leg. I promise this is probably the number one way to get your splits.
    5. This is also one of the most important as well. (I would say this and #4 are tied for first place). Sit on the ground as close to a wall as possible and straddle the wall. Lay your back flat against the ground and sit like this for about 3-5 minutes. Gravity will slowly be pulling your legs towards the ground so your splits should come VERY fast! After you've done this about 3-5 minutes, shake out your legs and then do it again as soon as you feel ready to. (Your legs will be warmed up. Waiting any longer than 10 minutes will make your muscles cool down again) Try to do this at least 3 times.
    6.  And last but not least, stretch your splits. Even if you can't go down far, you need to work those muscles. Do them at least 4-6 times (with small breaks in between) and try to hold them as long as possible. Preferably at least 30 seconds each.

             And now you will magically become much closer to your splits! Really this workout should only take maybe 30 minutes or less.          

    • Working on your scorpion...
    1. Do a slight jog/run for about 5 minutes. If you do not have enough space it's okay to jog in place. (Just make sure you feel your muscles warming up!)
    2. Sit in a straddle on the floor, legs spread apart, and stretch for 30 seconds on your right, middle and left sides.
    3. Then stand up, take your foot and pull it behind your back (towards your butt, or higher near your head if you are flexible enough), and stretch that for about 30 seconds. Then repeat on the other side. Do it about 5 times altogether. You should feel your muscles in your thighs being pulled just a little bit. ***THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STRETCHES FOR YOUR SCORPION!!!***
    4. Do bridges. Get on your back and push up to a bridge. (You need lots of back flexibility for scorpions). Do this for 15 seconds each and do it at least 3 times.
    5. Make sure you are stretching your arms. You need to be flexible there too. You are reaching behind your head to grab your foot. Have one hand touch your shoulder blade and use your other arm to pull your elbow as far back as possible with out hurting yourself.
    6. Then do "fish hooks". Lay on the ground with your stomach on the floor. Now with your arms, push your upper body off the ground and look as far back behind yourself as possible. The goal is to stretch you back by keeping your legs out flat on the ground behind you, and curving your back backwards.

         ~(This is a fish hook, but you should have your head looking at your toes)~

        My only advice after those steps is to do numbers 2, 3 and 4 (and possibly 5 if you want to) again. They are the most important to keep working on after being warmed up.
    I also highly recommend stretching your splits as well!!! 

    • Good luck! And please comment if you need help with any other areas in Cheerleading so I can put a post up! :)          Thanks!

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Want to check into College Cheerleading Scholarships?

    If you are interested in a Cheerleading Scholarship check out this link:

    Just find your state and the school you are checking into. It will let you know who to contact, when tryouts are and what they are looking for in their applicants! :) Good Luck!

    Saturday, October 16, 2010

    Cheerleading Not A Sport????

    Go ahead and tell me you could do this with out breaking a sweat!!! Haha :)

    Need routine music!?!?! Check out these...

    K so here are some really awesome songs that have just come out that you could try to incorporate your dances to! Here are just a few ideas...
     Love Like Woe               
    -The Ready Set Go         
    You can watch their video at

    Ridin Solo
    -Jason Derulo

    -Taio Cruz

    -Far East Movement
    Somethin 'bout Love
    -David Archuleta

    If I Had You
    -Adam Lambert

    Cheer Cosmetics! :)

        You may be into High School, or competitive cheer...It doesn't matter! If you need make up for those cheer comps, games, appearances or any other events, (glittery or not) check out JAM cosmetics. They have a huge variety of make up to choose from! So pick out some fun colors and good luck! :)

    They also have how-to videos that shows you how to apply make up. They have it for Cheer, Dance (Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop,etc.) and for the male performers too! :) 

    Their site also has accessories like blush brushes, fake eyelashes, etc.

    Here is the link!

    Gain Flexibility No Matter What Level You Are At! :)

    Need to gain more flexibility???

    Flexibility has ALWAYS been my weak point. I have absolutely NO natural flexibility. If I don't stretch for even a few days after months of stretching on a daily basis, then for some weird reason my flexibility is completely shot.

    So this is to help any of you that are at any level of flexibility and need help!

    Follow my personal workout plan! If it's working for me then I can guarantee it will for you too.
    First grab some water and music to keep your adrenaline going. Now you are ready to begin!

    1. Stand shoulder width apart and stretch to your left, right and middle, by reaching for your toes.

    2. Do a "butterfly". Pull both your feet in towards you while sitting on the ground, then pull your face toward your feet.

    3. Run! I hate running so this is especially hard for me. But try to run about 5 min. straight at least (or until you are getting just a little worn out. But not exhausted) and do 3 reps of this.
    *Note*  This is just to get your muscles warmed up so when you do your stretches it won't strain any muscles, it will also help you to stretch farther than if you don't run. So this is a critical step you cannot skip or do incorrectly!!! You also do not want to get too tired just from this because it's just your warm-up! :)

    4. Go to an elevated surface (I use the back of a chair and also the sides of my treadmill where you hold on to.) Now put your foot up on it and make sure it is stretching your inner-upper thigh area and your calf. Do NOT put it on a surface too high for you where it hurts!

    5. Now sit on the floor and put your feet together out in front of you. Touch your toes. Honestly I hate this one, but just go as far as you can and think about something else for at least 20 seconds if possible. Just push yourself (with timing) as long as you can! Do about 3 reps. (You can take breaks and come back to this one)

    6. Now try and go into your splits and push it without over-doing it. You could hurt yourself or get too sore which means you wont be able to stretch for a long time.

    7. Do wall stretches, (It's NOT a wall sit). Go to a wall and sit down. Put your feet up on the wall and scoot yourself as close to the wall as possible. Then spread your legs out into a V as far out as they will go. Hold this for several minutes. You can bring your legs together or curl in a ball if it starts hurting to much. Then keep doing it when you feel you can. This is a VERY important stretch that will get you much, much closer to your splits.


     It looks like this, but then you put your feet out in a V shape!

    8. Now go to the floor and stretch your splits again... See how much farther you are!?! 
    Don't stress out if you don't see much improvement. Keep doing this for a few days and you'll see results! I promise!!! :)

    Team Building Ideas:)


    As each new year begins, so does the process of getting to know the new members as well as helping them become a part of the team. Although your team will most likely bond at camp, especially if it’s away from home, it’s beneficial to start right after tryouts. There are several ways to achieve squad unity, and participating in team building activities at least once a week is a great way to do that.

    Here are a few great ideas to foster positive teambuilding experiences with your team:

    1. Have fun outside of cheerleading or dance. Have a slumber party, get together at a local restaurant, pizza party, or pool party. It will give you and your team time to get away from the stress of games and practice, but still be together.

    2. Fundraise. Sure, you have to work hard when you raise money, but you will be working hard together. From bake sales to car washes, you are sure to raise loads of money, all while spending time together and bonding as a team.

    3. Reach out to your community. Community service is a great way to spend quality time with your squad while helping others at the same time. Volunteering at hospitals, charities, and city activities are just a few ideas to get you started.

    4. Have “themed” practices. Come up with a different idea for the next few practices where the team can dress up (dress safely for stunting). This way they are getting the practice time in, but it breaks the monotony. Some ideas are decades (70’s or 80’s) or superheroes.

    5. Have positive circles before games and practices. This reminds the team how much fun it can be, and helps them forget about the negative aspects of being tired, etc.

    6. Attend a leadership workshop together, participating in such activities as a ropes course, trust falls, and obstacle courses.

    Here is the website I got this off of:

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Teen Cheerleader Tackles Theft at Mall

    So this 16 year old teen was at a mall when something very unexpected happened, making her a local hero in her Oklahoma city, and a hero to other admiring teen Cheerleaders... Read her story to find out everything that happened! :)

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Hey Cheerleaders!!!

    Hey Guys!

    Please come and subscribe to my blog! :) I hope you guys really like it and visit often!

    Awesome Cheer Article! :)

    Hey! So I just found this article about cheerleading... I found it really interesting! Tell me what you guys think! There are some cool facts in it too!

    Cheer On!

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    Cheerleading Contest! :)

    Okay, So I want some pep on this blog and I really havent gotten any yet!

    So here is my challenge to you cheerleaders!

    ...I want you guys to post at least ONE of these things onto my Cheer Craze blog:
    1. Share a cheer related story!
    2. Write a cheer (make it original! I don't want old cheers everybody knows already!)
    3. Post cheer pictures! It can be you and your friends in uniforms, at a competition, at a football game, etc. !

    I just want this to be fun and creative! I will choose a winner at the end after I have reviewed all the entries! :) Have fun and be unique with this! :)

    ~Alyssa :)

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    Cheer Craze!!!

    Hello fellow cheer followers:)

    Well, as you probably have figured out, this is a brand new blog!!! So please be patient with me! I am trying to get things organized so this will be an amazing blog! So keep checking periodically for new posts! If it's not up as soon as I'm hoping it will be I am VERY sorry! But PLEASE keep checking! I really think this page could be a hit!

    Okay, so I am just wondering... How do you feel about cheerleading? If you have been cheering for a while tell us what state you live in or what your mascot is, a cheer experience you've had or SOMETHING! :) I really don't care what you say! Just make sure it's appropriate! You may say ANYTHING you want about Cheerleading:) Just PLEASE comment:)

    So I know this isn't the most exciting post or blog...YET. But please get this page active! I need some participants! Haha:)

    Well, I hope you have an awesome day!

    Cheer On!