Friday, October 8, 2010

Cheer Craze!!!

Hello fellow cheer followers:)

Well, as you probably have figured out, this is a brand new blog!!! So please be patient with me! I am trying to get things organized so this will be an amazing blog! So keep checking periodically for new posts! If it's not up as soon as I'm hoping it will be I am VERY sorry! But PLEASE keep checking! I really think this page could be a hit!

Okay, so I am just wondering... How do you feel about cheerleading? If you have been cheering for a while tell us what state you live in or what your mascot is, a cheer experience you've had or SOMETHING! :) I really don't care what you say! Just make sure it's appropriate! You may say ANYTHING you want about Cheerleading:) Just PLEASE comment:)

So I know this isn't the most exciting post or blog...YET. But please get this page active! I need some participants! Haha:)

Well, I hope you have an awesome day!

Cheer On!

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