Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gain Flexibility No Matter What Level You Are At! :)

Need to gain more flexibility???

Flexibility has ALWAYS been my weak point. I have absolutely NO natural flexibility. If I don't stretch for even a few days after months of stretching on a daily basis, then for some weird reason my flexibility is completely shot.

So this is to help any of you that are at any level of flexibility and need help!

Follow my personal workout plan! If it's working for me then I can guarantee it will for you too.
First grab some water and music to keep your adrenaline going. Now you are ready to begin!

1. Stand shoulder width apart and stretch to your left, right and middle, by reaching for your toes.

2. Do a "butterfly". Pull both your feet in towards you while sitting on the ground, then pull your face toward your feet.

3. Run! I hate running so this is especially hard for me. But try to run about 5 min. straight at least (or until you are getting just a little worn out. But not exhausted) and do 3 reps of this.
*Note*  This is just to get your muscles warmed up so when you do your stretches it won't strain any muscles, it will also help you to stretch farther than if you don't run. So this is a critical step you cannot skip or do incorrectly!!! You also do not want to get too tired just from this because it's just your warm-up! :)

4. Go to an elevated surface (I use the back of a chair and also the sides of my treadmill where you hold on to.) Now put your foot up on it and make sure it is stretching your inner-upper thigh area and your calf. Do NOT put it on a surface too high for you where it hurts!

5. Now sit on the floor and put your feet together out in front of you. Touch your toes. Honestly I hate this one, but just go as far as you can and think about something else for at least 20 seconds if possible. Just push yourself (with timing) as long as you can! Do about 3 reps. (You can take breaks and come back to this one)

6. Now try and go into your splits and push it without over-doing it. You could hurt yourself or get too sore which means you wont be able to stretch for a long time.

7. Do wall stretches, (It's NOT a wall sit). Go to a wall and sit down. Put your feet up on the wall and scoot yourself as close to the wall as possible. Then spread your legs out into a V as far out as they will go. Hold this for several minutes. You can bring your legs together or curl in a ball if it starts hurting to much. Then keep doing it when you feel you can. This is a VERY important stretch that will get you much, much closer to your splits.


 It looks like this, but then you put your feet out in a V shape!

8. Now go to the floor and stretch your splits again... See how much farther you are!?! 
Don't stress out if you don't see much improvement. Keep doing this for a few days and you'll see results! I promise!!! :)

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