Friday, November 12, 2010

Cheerleading an Olympic Sport...

According to here are the
Top Ten Reasons Why Cheerleading Should be an Olympic Sport...
    • All other Olympic sports could have their own official cheerleaders.
    • It could definitely be a coed sport.
    • There would never be a shortage of judges. Most men would kill for this job.
    • Language shouldn't be a problem; how many ways can you say "Go, Team, Go?"
    • There would never be a need to drug test; cheerleaders are always smiling.
    • Rich countries wouldn't have an advantage; how many uniforms does a squad need?
    • It's easier to spell than gymnastics.
    • It could go either way, Winter or Summer.
    • No special equipment is needed, just give them some ground.
    • Pom Poms are cheaper than pole vaults.

      What do you think about this? I mean, if ping-pong can be named an official sport, don't you think Cheerleaders deserve a spot too? There is obviously a lot of athletic ability involved and skill, so why do you think it's not a sport? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below! :)

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